Panel Lifter

The TAWI panel lifter is the ideal solution for lifting large, heavy and bulky materials such as wood panels, glass sheets, doors, windows, and plastic panels more effortlessly, precisely, and securely. The panel lifters’ customizable abilities make it easy for operators to move even the bulkiest panels and sheets quickly. In addition, the ergonomic rotating handle provides precise handling of the lifting speed and keeps the load at a specific height at all times.

  • Lifting capacity: 180 kg
  • Vacuum source: pneumatic
  • Tilting: up to 80 degrees
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Efficient Vacuum Lifter For The Wood And Construction Industrya

A vacuum sheet lifter with a user-friendly handle, innovative design and adaptability make it ideal for efficient and ergonomic handling. Especially in the wide range of ungainly materials within the wood and construction industry.

  • Ergonomic and user-friendly design
  • The extended arm makes reaching for panels easy
  • Balancing bulky panels thanks to multiple suction cups
  • Mount in TAWI crane system to optimize working area
  • Allows to maintain the load at a fix height
  • Precise management of lifting speed
Product Details
• PL180 2000mm Lifting capacity : 180 kg
Tilt : 80°
Lifting speed : 0,27 m/s
Length lift tube : 2000 mm
Hose diameter : Ø250 mm
Suction acups : Customisable
• PL180 2400mm Lifting capacity : 180 kg
Tilt : 80°
Lifting speed : 0,27 m/s
Length lift tube : 2400 mm
Hose diameter : Ø250 mm
Suction acups : Customisable

We are the right choice if you are looking for a glass wood suction lifter in Malaysia. A glass wood suction lifter is a tool that allows you to move heavy objects without breaking them and without exerting yourself. It can be used in many different ways, including in construction, at home, or any other situation where you need to move a heavy object safely and efficiently. 

At Cadbon, our glass wood suction lifters are easy-to-use tools that allow you to quickly and easily move glass, mirrors and other lightweight materials around your home or office. Our glass wood suction lifter is made of hardwood and is ideal for lifting window panes to carry out maintenance work without damaging the window.