Mobile High Frequency Lifter

A mobile high-frequency lifter from TAWI is the solution whenever you need to handle goods quickly and efficiently with full mobility within your facilities. It is a versatile lifting solution specially designed for container loading and unloading.

To use this solution, you need an external power supply close to the area where you would like to use it. It doesn´t require any unique installations or facilities.

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Suitable for all the streamline in logistics process

Thanks to its low-built construction, this compact design and the High-frequency lifter enable great reach into pallet racks, containers and trucks.

Easy to use along the logistics process from container and truck unloading, order picking, or conveyer to pallet.

The ability to move the equipment to other warehouse spaces means this piece of equipment becomes a multi-asset to the operation. In areas of 3PL, the MHL can be split across multiple contracts reducing the amount of labour involved as the MHL can reduce two-person lifts down to one.

  • Great reach thanks to the compact design
  • Mobile and Plug&Play solution
  • Easy and flexible reach inside and outside containers
  • Suitable for all the streamline in logistics process
Product Details
• MHL 40 Lifting capacity : 40 kg
Adjustable height : 2600 mm
• MHL 50 Lifting capacity : 50 kg
Adjustable height : 2600 mm
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