Lightweight Trolleys

  • Lifting capacity: <60kg
  • Compact design ideal for small spaces
  • High speed – lifting at 125mm/s
  • Light weight and easy to drive
  • Robust platform for lifting and moving goods
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Ergonomic Lightweight Trolley

TAWI Lightweight Lifting Trolleys enable efficient handling where space is limited. In addition, easily lifting and moving goods in narrow aisles and tight corners.

  • Compact lifting trolley
  • Light weight – easy to manoeuvre
  • Ergonomic handles ensure good working position
  • With platform for lifting boxes and other goods
  • Easily slide boxes on/off the platform
  • Ideal for stock handling in retail stores etc
  • High quality – safe and reliable operation
Product Details
• Light 60 Lifting capacity : 60 kg
Battery : 2 x 12V 7Ah
Lifts per charge : 60kg x 1m x 100 times
Brake system : Single braked rear wheels
Lifting speed fast/slow : 125 mm/s
Stroke : 1590 mm
Battery Charger : 100-240V, grounded 50-60 Hz
Wheels : Swivelling, polyurethane
Overload protection : Incorporated in circuit load
IP-rating : IP24