Which brands do you stock for lifting equipment in Malaysia?

We offer a wide range of lifting equipment Malaysia brands such as TAWI, DALMEC, Premier Pallet Inverter, GIANT MOVE, CYKLOP, SEALED AIR, GOLD PACK, and many more. Furthermore, we offer professional guidance in selecting the appropriate lifting equipment in Malaysia.

What services can you provide?

We stock a wide range of lifting equipment in Malaysia, including air hoists and floor cranes, and can thus assist with a wide range of problems. Our sales and customer service representatives will be available to assist you in developing a customized solution. We also have fully trained and skilled engineers on staff, which allows us to provide electrical and mechanical repairs both on and off-site. They can also provide on-site inspection and testing, as well as setup and installation.

What industries do you operate within?

Since we have such a diverse range of lifting equipment in Malaysia, we work in a variety of industries. Construction, engineering, architecture, and manufacturing are examples of such industries. Many of our lifting products find application in the construction and manufacturing industries.