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A trusted company, founded in Malaysia since 2002

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Cadbon Venture Sdn Bhd is a partner you can rely on, with the ability to deliver complete material handling equipment for your every need. A trusted company, founded in Malaysia since 2002, with wide coverage of market in both domestic & international.


We provide professional advise toward your material handling needs. We carry wide range of brands included TAWI, DALMEC, Premier Pallet Inverter, GIANT MOVE, CYKLOP, SEALED AIR, GOLD PACK and many more.


Our skilled service technicians will be there for you, making sure that your equipment runs smooth every day.

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    Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer in Malaysia

    Here in Cadbon Venture Sdn Bhd, we specialize in our manufacturing of material handling equipment and providing material handling solutions for our clients in Malaysia. There are several reasons why it is a good idea to invest in material handling equipment: such as material handling equipment are cost efficient, improve productivity and efficiency, as well as reduce wastage in workplaces.

    A lifting trolley, also known as a trolley lift, is a portable lifting table with a lowering function that allows a single employee to work with heavy products at the proper ergonomic working height. Lifting trolleys can be used anywhere there is a need for working height regulation, lifting and transporting various products. Here at Cadbon Venture Sdn Bhd, our lifting trolleys are strong and dependable, boosting productivity for both the work and product movement in any industry.

    Malaysia’s Trusted Lifting Trolley Provider

    Cadbon Venture Sdn Bhd offers a wide range of highly durable and sturdy lifting trolleys equipment. Lifting trolleys are utilized to lift heavy loads. The precision engineered trolleys are manufactured using premium grade mild steel, which offers advanced levels of efficiency.


    What are the types of products and services do you offer?

    Here is Cadbon Venture Sdn Bhd, we specialize in providing and manufacturing various types of material handling equipment, such as: lifting equipment, industrial manipulator, vacuum lifter, and other packaging equipment that are suitable for both wholesale and retail in every aspect of agency business. Besides manufacturing material handling equipment, we also specialize in providing repairing services for different types of electrical and electronic machinery, parts, appliances and apparatus.

    What is a Material Handling Equipment?

    A material handling equipment is a mechanized equipment that is used for moving, storing and protecting goods during the manufacturing, distributing, consuming and disposing process. Material handling equipment are generally differentiated based on 4 common categories, which are:

    • Transport equipment
    • Positioning equipment
    • Unit load formation equipment
    • Storage equipment.

    What is a Vacuum Sealer used for?

    A vacuum sealer is a type of machine that generally sucks the air out of a plastic bag or a container and seals it so no air can get back into the container or plastic bag. A vacuum sealer is used to prevent the inner contents of the plastic bag or container from being crushed or losing its freshness during the vacuum process. Vacuum sealer can do a great job in protecting the inner contents from being contaminated with oxygen, liquids and bugs.

    What is lifting equipment used for?

    Lifting equipment is any work equipment for lifting and lowering loads, and includes any accessories such as attachments to support, fix or anchor the equipment used in doing so. Lifting equipment is generally a job in which the safety is very much emphasized. With lifting equipment in your warehouse, it will ensure you are able to handle heavy loads with ease and high efficiency.

    What is a vacuum lifter?

    Vacuum lifters are devices that are generally used to transport a number of products within a set area, such as a warehouse or manufacturing facility. Vacuum lifters are often used in applications as delicate as placing eggs in egg-cartons, as well as the transport and lifting of heavy loads of cargo.

    What are the advantages of investing in an industrial manipulator?

    An industrial manipulator, also known as robotics manipulators, are machines which are used to manipulate or control material without making direct contact. By investing in an industrial manipulator, it enables you to lift and carry much heavier weights than you would be able to manually. An industrial manipulator can easily carry loads that are as heavy as 2000kg. Another benefit of investing in an industrial manipulator is that they can lower the risk of workers getting injured and improve the health and safety of the workplace. With an industrial manipulator in your workplace, you can save more time and boost productivity as compared to handling the cargo manually.